Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

“Artificial Intelligence” is a term ubiquitous in today’s media and is used in some of the most unique applications to make business and life more efficient and logical. Most of whom hear this term minds’ typically shoot towards robots, sci-fi films, and most realistically, autonomous vehicles. This is a common misconception that arises from the use of terms that mask the actuality of computed intelligence such as: ‘neural network,’ ‘cognitive systems,’ ‘deep learning,’ and many other phrases synonymous with AI. The truth is that these intelligence share more traits with the regression function on a TI-84 than they do with the human mind. I once had the same view of AI and decided to dedicate time to learning the actual fundamentals and how to apply them. During this journey I have come to many revelations on what AI actually is and may encompass in our lifetime and am excited to share.




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